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Different Valuation types during the goods receipt mvt 101

Dec 05, 2016 at 02:48 PM


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Hi Gurus,

I have a scenario where I'm doing a GR for PO 101 for a material that has valuation category "X" for split valuation purposes. My issue is the PO is NOT GR Based invoice verification and I need to have a different valuation type for each batch number but the system is not allowing me. the message is SAP M7043 - Valuation type & differs from valuation type of batch &

There is a SAP note that says it is not possible.

Is there any workaround for this as I can't make the PO as GR based INV and I need the split valuation functionality.


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Jürgen L
Dec 05, 2016 at 03:10 PM

Had you already tried with 2 item lines in the PO?

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In PO time I can't determine the batches. It will be one line item in the PO and in MIGO I will distribute the qty.


if you have individual lines in the PO, then you reference the individual lines in MIGO, and you don't need to use the distribute button.


Unfortunately I don't have it as a separate line items. i.e in a PO I will have one line item with qty 20.

In MIGO I might distribute it to more than one line item

qty 5 Batch 0116

qty 7 batch 0216

qty 8 batch 0316

So the system is not allowing me to create a different valuation type for each line item in MIGO.

Thank you Jurgen


What is the background for wanting different valuation types. Do you get billed with different prices (how? it is just a single PO item line) ?


The point is in one purchase order there will be a material with different batches according to production date. these production dates are represented in WWYY format which will be the batch number in our solution, so for one material you might have 53 different batches for a specific year. According to customer's requirement they need to change the material price (MR21) for some of these batches at the end of the year (ex: batch 0116, 0216) so I need to have a seperate valuation type for each batch.

Thank you Jurgen


Requirement is understood and valid. However I don't see any chance to do it directly in a goods receipt if you do not use GRbasedIV

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