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Classification View and Message MM320 (T130P)

Dear all,

When loading material master data with our data migration programs, the system does not create the classification view automatically.

In that case, we get the following message when displaying material basic data: "The data for the user department C does not exist in in table MARA" (MM320). (Otherwise, when we create a material manually, the classification view is automatically created).

I understand that the system is requesting the classification view to be created and indeed, once this view is created, this message does not shows up any more.

However if I go to SE16, table T130P, and deactivate the indicator "Essential" for "Maintenance Status" = C and "Table" = MARA, then this message does not show up any more.

I am thinking of deactivating this indicator to avoid any confusion for users but haven't found any customizing path nor information related to this table (T130P) so I am worrying a little bit.

Does anyone know of any possible side effects that may occur if I deactivate this indicator?

And what is the purpose of table T130P anyways?


Annabelle R.

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    Posted on Sep 13, 2010 at 09:08 PM

    the standard load programs of material master do not create classification views, you have to do this in an extra step.

    The customizing of this table is probably in the area of classficiation customizing, and not in customizing area of mateial master.

    Easiest way to find it is by using SM30, enter T130P there, then click Customizing button.

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    • Jurgen, I believe you are right and the customizing must be in this section - although there is no assignation of organizational areas in this particular view of our system and unfortunately I haven't been able to find the exact location of this customizing point.

      Thanks to both of you for your help.