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Sep 13, 2010 at 02:45 PM

New GL when you migrate to it with same SAP instance


We are working with a client where we are migrating from Classic GL to NEW GL.

Migration on the same hardware with a high number of profit centres.

New GL is documented well enough and numerous companies have now implemented it as a fresh go live.

Although quite a number have now migrated from old to new gl it is my believe most have done this in migrating to an entirely new SAP instance. In doing it this way risk was reduced in having a clean fall back position and test bed.

Less companies have migrated from old to new on the same hardware. This is still a viable migration path but it might have a technical risk on the number of profit centres. I draw attention to 2 useful OSS notes (217338, 826357). These are relevant for new gl and where the client wishes to have at least the PCA profit centre and cost centre scenarios.

The question I still have however is as follows:

Given a client with 5000 profit centres is considered a larger client in new gl landscapes (see OSS 217338), does such a technical limit measure and include 'historical' or 'inactive' profit centres? Here I define historical profit centres as 'old and marked with an end date in the past'. They are used for historical reporting but are no longer active.

We have an issue where the client will have 11,000 inactive profit centres that will need to be migrated into new gl as historical reporting will be needed in 2011.

We will also have 1000 new profit centres (giving 12,000 in total of which 1000 are active) used only from 2011 onwards.

The best OSS notes we can find on this topic suggest there is a technical rick if we have over 5000 profit centres.

They do not confirm whether these are active or both active & inactive profit centres.

To any new gl gurus who have migrated larger clients, could someone please clarify this point. We will resolve it most probably working with SAP over the next few week so I shall update this thread too, but an early answer would be appreciated in our planning.