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Sep 13, 2010 at 01:29 PM

Frieght is calculating on batch items



I have a batch split delivery. I have a manual Freight condition which i added in the sales order. When I bill this delivery, the freight is incorrectly calculated on the billing document..

E.g: I have a delivery for 10 qty with a batch split of 5 qtys each.The total freight is 100 Rs. When I create a billing document, it shows me 3 line items for the same material. The first line item is the main item with qty 0 and the other two line items show a qty of 5 each.

Ideally, the freight should be divided between only the second and third line item only. But the system calculates freight for 100 Rs for each batch items.

The freight should not be calculated on the main item, which the system is calculating.

Please advice...