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Sep 13, 2010 at 07:31 AM

Error: The meta data for the IDoc type "DELVRY03" is unavailable



We have an outbound interface between SAP (4.7) and a third party system. Between SAP and the 3rd party system is Business Connector, which is being used as the middleware.

The issue is that when we trigger idocs from SAP, we can see them in status 03, but the mesage does not reach the 3rd party system. In TCode SM58 in SAP we get the error message The meta data for the IDoc type "DELVRY03" is unavailable. We see the same error in business connector also.

Our doubts are:

1) How do we know which RFC is being used? In SM59, there is one RFC under R/3 and one under TCPIP, which could possibly be used. How do we exactly identify which one is being used in the idoc transmission from SAP to Business Connector?

2) In many of the threads pertaining to similar issues, it has been mentioned check the user id and password. How can we know which user is being used in this case?

3) Once we know the user which is being used in this case and we change the password for that user, will it not impact other interfaces, using the same user?

Thanks in advance.