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Sep 13, 2010 at 04:59 AM

How to append error message in internal table


Hi All,

I am reading one text file into an internal table using GUI_UPLOAD. Now in few lines there are some errors.

I want to concatenate those errors in front of respected lines and download the file again using GUI_DOWNLOAD.

Can anyone tell me how to concatenate infront of that line only.

After reading in internal table my data in internal table is like this-

1DEFFERAL  20080215 121212                                                      
2            601191111A00000000110Hunter, Donald                AY           
2            601201111A00000000000Hunter, Donald                AY        "Suppose m getting any error in this line it shd append here
2            601211111A00000000120Ammons, Bernadette            AY              
2            601221111A00000000130Karels, Michael               AY              
2            601231111A00000000240Lawrence, Helen               AY               
2            601241111A00000000280Brady, Jennifer               AY                
2            601281111A00000000145Kagel, Camille                AY               
2            601291111A00000001567Roedel, Kathryn               AY               
2            601301111A00000000123Stepanyan, Henrick            AY               
2            601311111A00000001456Sanders, Harlan               AY               
2            700077024A00000001156Sanders, Harlan               AY               
9DEFFERAL  20080215 121212000000014