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Sep 11, 2010 at 11:09 AM

HELP Problem with SAP.Connector , C# or Studio 2003 ?


Hello Sirs,

I am new at work with SAP. I work with (Visual Studio) All versions.

I have a task from one of our clients to connect with their existing SAP system to exchange data.

For that connection I use "SAP.Connector" and "SAP.Connector.rfc", the language is ะก#.

The exchange consists of reading and writing two functions "Z_SDXHCIRU_GET_DELIVERY_LIST" and "Z_SDXHCIRU_UPDATE_DELIVERY".

The fist function returns to the table - "ORDER_LIST".

In the second function I had to complete the same table with little data.

Due to my reading of helps and examples in internet I succeed in connecting to the server,

to call these functions and to see the tables, but I do not see the data in them.

In VS2003 I succeed in creating Proxy and everything else.

I connect it with DataGrid, but everything appears with amount - "null".

I tried Console Application, the result is the same.

I could not undesrtand if I miss something somewhere or there is no information in the server.

The client affirms that there is data on the server.

What and where is the problem?

I would kindly ask for some help as source code or some full demo version.

Thank you very much in advance.