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Sep 10, 2010 at 03:18 PM

Missing "Expand/Contract" links when creating a new assignment block.


I am in the process of creating an new assignment block for the Account Management Overview page on CRM Web Client, version 7.0. Iu2019ve done the configuration and the new view does show up on the Account Management page (Yeah). However, there is no u201CExpand/Collapseu201D button for my new assignment block. To clarify, I am not talking about the u201CDirect/Hide/Lazy loadu201D UI configuration settings, but the u201CExpandu201D or u201CContractu201D links that appear underneath the viewu2019s output if there are over 5 rows in the table view and the view is on an Overview Page.

How do I get the u201CExpandu201D / u201CContractu201D links to appear with new assignment block on the Overview Page?

Hereu2019s what Iu2019ve done to create the new view & put it on our Account Overview page.

I have:

1) Enhanced Component BP_BPBT where my new view will be written.

2) Created the new view in enhanced component BP_BPBT. The new view is a Table View similar to the view BP_BPBT/AccountInterHistOV view.

3) Created a UI Configuration for the new view. There are 2 or 3 columns on the view and the properties u201CVisible Rows Before Pagingu201D and u201CVisible Rows Before Scrollingu201D are both set to 5.

4) Created the new window in BP_BPBT

5) Coded my new view to return results. It returns over 20 rows.

6) Updated the Runtime Repository by adding the new view to the window and adding the new window to the Interface View

7) Updated the Runtime Repository of the Account Management component to use the new view and have added the view to the correct viewset.

8) Using UI Configuration, Iu2019ve added the view to the Account Management Overview