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Sep 10, 2010 at 01:51 PM

Sending Smartform to external e-mail - how to change subject of a message?



I've implemented own transaction for display/print/send by e-mail some kind of non-SAP standard letters. I used approach described in the SAP Press book 'SAP Smart Forms':

  • call smartform interface

CALL FUNCTION lf_fm_name


archive_index = toa_dara

archive_parameters = arc_params

control_parameters = ls_control_param

mail_appl_obj = appl_object_id

mail_recipient = recipient_id

mail_sender = sender_id

output_options = ls_composer_param


where appl_obj_id, recipient_id and sender_id are created BOR Objects (using macros "swc_create_object", "swc_set_element", etc. from include <CNTN01> ).

Using this approach I'm unable to set my own e-mail subject, it is set internaly - such as "SAPLSTXBE/20100910/151732".

1. Is there a way to pre-set e-mail subject with my own more user-friendly text (without changing approach)?

2. Is there a way to send the e-mail to more than 1 recipient (using described approach)?

I searched a forum for similar topics and didn't found, sorry for the noise, if I missed some thread.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Ivaylo Mutafchiev