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Sep 10, 2010 at 01:17 PM

Calling IPC RFC from custom PriceCalculatorCRMIPC BO



I'm running into some strange issues when attempting to call IPC RFC from a custom PriceCalculatorCRMIPC Business Object.

I'm attempting to call the SPC_PERF_GET_PRICING_CONDITION function module. The JCO call appears to be sending correctly as I'm not getting any exceptions, but upon inspecting the ET_CONDITION Table that is returned it's always blank. I'm also looking at the MESSAGE table in the ES_PROFILE structure, but no error messages are returned.

I'm curious if anyone has had success making RFC calls to IPC before and if I could get some example code or a description on how to do this. I'm also curious to know exactly how IPC processes calls. I know that you have to pass a document ID when making calls, but is that IPC document persisted in IPC for the life of the user's session, or do I need to recreate the IPC document(and items) every time I want to call for IPC information?

Thanks in advance!