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Sep 10, 2010 at 09:22 AM

Shopping Cart line item reappearing in SOCO


Hello Everybody,

I am very new to SRM and am currently having a doubt over a scenario that is existing in our SRM4.0 platform but not in our SRM7.0 platform.

In SRM4.0 - We are creating a Shopping Cart with suppose 2 items. We are forwarding that Shopping Cart to SOCO where we

are creating a Purchase Order for both the line items. From the Purchase Order, we are deleting one line item. That deleted line

item is again reappearing in SOCO for reprocessing. Is this standard in SRM4.0 or should I search for any custom

enhancements done in our SRM4.0 system which is making this deleted line reappear in SOCO? This scenario is not taking place

in our SRM7.0 system. The deleted line from the PO is not appearing again in SOCO.

Please let me know whether this is SRM4.0 standard behavior or not.

<< Please do not offer points.>>

Thanks in advance,


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