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Sep 10, 2010 at 09:04 AM

Webservice For XCelsius returning only zero values?



I followed the manual "How to Use Business Objects Planning and Consolidation (Version for SAPNetWeaver) Data in Xcelsius".

But it seems the webservice only returns zero values. Seems more people have this problem in the forum, but I didnt find any solution yet.

Data is definetly in the cube and can be displayed both with BOPC Web Reporting and BOPC Excel input schedules.

The web service seems to be running at the location I am using, bc. it will inform me if I pass a Application name that doesn't exist in the Application as argument.

I tried the following URLs in XCelsius as data source.,2003,2004,2009,2010,2011|IBS_Entities:73,74,75,1,2,3

as well as the one following that should overwrite the "current view":,2003,2004,2009,2010,2011|IBS_Entities:73,74,75,1,2,3|IBS_ACCT:None|IBS_Category:R|IBS_Status:Extern

If I log on to bpc web, paste the URLs in the browser to check the web service, it displays some xml, including the passed row and column members, but only 0-values for data.

If I continue to follow the manual, upluad .swf and create a web page in BOPC Web, I also get only zero values in the displayed Xcelsius dashboard.

Is there something wrong with the URLs I am using?

What is the meaning of the "Range-parameter" - is it just the name used in the XCelsius xml data connection or does it play a more important role? (since I am using 6x6 members as data just as in the how-to-example, I only changed dimension names, ws-address and member names...)

Thanks for your help!

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