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Former Member
Sep 10, 2010 at 12:52 AM

Problem with Value Component


We have a health plan comparison tool that allows users to choose a Custom setting to determine how much things such as Office Visits, Rx, Surgery, etc., cost based on the number of each they believe they'll use.

In past tools, users have been able to double-click the Frequency value component and enter a number up to 365. The Cost value component would then show how much said uses would be.

But for some reason, none of the value components in this part of the tool will allow users to make changes when the setting is Custom. All of the formulas and settings are the same from past tools. In Properties, the Enable Interactions box is checked, but the entire area is grayed out as if it is locked and I can't check the box off and on.

Is this something with my computer settings? I checked the Objects list and none of the value components are locked.