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Sep 10, 2010 at 12:09 AM

Query Modification in Quality Systems.


Hi Gurus,

I have very complex Query in Quality .. Production.

1) I have created one RKF directly in Quality with out techical name

2) I have created one formula directly in Quality with out techical name

3) Hidden some RKF in Query Properties in Quality Directly.

I know what changes i made . Next when i am transporting Do i face any issue.

Since it is very very complex Query, i do not want to take a chance.

1) shall i delete the RKF & Formula, unhide the RKF that i created in Quality

and recreate it in Dev and transport it to Quality then to Production.

2) Or Can i create the same RKF ,Formula , hide the RKF which is presently

hidden in Quality and transport it with out deleting the above in Quality.

What is the best way to make the next transport successful.

Advance thanks