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Sep 09, 2010 at 10:29 PM

Issue with text variable by replacement path


Hello All

I have a date field called ZDATE1 (it is based on 0DATE). I have used this this IO in a query and have create variables on it (ZSTARTDT and ZENDDT), Start and End date. And my KFs are based on these 2 dates: Quantity - Start Date & Quantity - End Date / Product Value - Start Date & Product Value - End Date. Those are my descriptions for my KFs.

Now, I want the replace the descriptions "Start Date and End Date" with the actual values that I am entering like 09/01/2010 and 09/10/2010. Ex: Quantity - 9/01/2010 & Quantity - 9/10/2010.

Therefore, I create 2 Text Variables,

1. ZSTART, Replacement Path, Ref Char (ZDATE1), Replace by Variable ZSTARTDT, with KEY, offset - blank

2. ZEND, Replacement Path, Ref Char (ZDATE1), Replace by Variable ZENDDT, with KEY, offset - blank

And I put these text variables in the descriptions. But when I run the query, I still see: Quantity - &ZSTART& and Quantity - &ZEND&.

Note that my ZDATE1 which is based on 0DATE does not have a master data table or text table; it is purely transaction data. Does that mean, my text replacement path variables wont work.

Any suggestions??