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Sep 09, 2010 at 05:48 PM

Create Shopping Cart to ref Price Conditions in SRM5 ECS


Hi there

I have a question about pricing conditions for ( my systems are MDM2.0, SRM5.0 , ECC 6, Extended classic )

Price conditions has a limitation for ECS..meaning? Does this mean we cannot use pricing conditions on the shopping cart level for ESC

I have a MDM catalog item that will be transfered to SRM. I want to show in my SRM shopping cart my catalog item plus 2 surcharges

My approach is to apply a pricing condition to my item coming in from the mdm catalog.

Example: catalog item (is for Services-labour resource): Jr SAP Basis, $90 from supplier XYZ.

My item is a catalog item has no material master.

I have created, made entries in SRM server-> cross App basic settings->pricing->Process condition type and Process calculation schema

I have created in SRM 2 custom condition types that are a percentage surcharge (so for my example it would be % of base price of $90).

These condition types are copied form SRM server-> cross App basic settings->pricing->process condition type (01RP u2013Discount%)

Condition type 1: Z1RBu2026.Burden rate (5% of $90)

Condition type 2: Z1RMu2026Markup rate (10% of $90)

One of the fileds in Process Condition types is u201CSource Systemu201D which can be local ie SRM or Other system like SAP R/3

So my option is to reference the local SRM system( if this can be done here u2026where?) or ref the backend and create these same price conditions types.

I cant find anywhere in SRM to create a condition table to enter the relationships of my Jr SAP Basis, $90 from supplier XYZ. So that I can associate this info with Burden and markup that changes per supplier

Hope my scenario is clear and question too



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