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Sep 09, 2010 at 05:23 PM



SAP 4.7 6.20 OS: Windows Server 2003 Oracle 10g

I'm a new Basis professional, and also new at this forum, so sorry for any mistakes...

Almost once a week I have some short dumps with this message : EXTRACT_FWRITE_FAILED.

I also have this information :

You have 10 Gb free on this device.

Error message :

The extracts could not be written to the temporary file

"U:\usr\sap\PRD\D00\data\E000NL5I.DAT" (file size


Error number: 28

Error text: "No space left on device"

There is a company in France who solves the problem, but we never know what they did in order to solve it.

They just say that the area was full...

After some days of verification, I discovered that sometimes we have big files at his directory :

"U:\usr\sap\PRD\D00\work\" , and I believe that this is what is causing the problem.

Inside this work folder I have a very big file : dev_w0.old 1,7 Gbs generated today at 5:05am.

I think that this is a log or trace file generated by work process 00.

How could I discover the process/user which is generating such a big file ? What's the best technical way to do so ?

I also have inside this very same folder a lot of other files with extensions : .read .conv .

Some of them were generated in 2008 and 2009.

What is this work folder used for ? I'm trying to understand what kind of processes created them, and also if I could delete some of them...

Thanks in advance,