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Sep 09, 2010 at 04:14 PM

WM stock not acting as it should


Hello, I hope you are all doing well

I have a challenge that is proving very difficult to find the root cause. My WM stock situation is not acting as it should

My current theory is that one of the t.o. update tables must be failing to update so the system does not see the existing transfer orders for some time.

Actually 3 issues related to the same errors in my opinion;

1. system is allowing stock removal of inv. already promised on open t.o. (when we do not allow negative stock per config)

2. system is sending picks to bins without enough stock

3. locking quant's in 110 that require SAP intervention to clear, the quant's are locked due to discrepancies in the t.o. update tables. (LQUA and LQUAB)

I think these are all from the same root cause but I could be wrong.

What could the root cause be?

Where should I look to prove or disprove my thoery about the t.o updates to WM causing this?

If I could find a t.o. that shows updated in both the header and line items but do not update to WM until some time later I could prove my thoery...

Is there another table that must update before the t.o. will show in t.o. searches (a table other then the header/line item tables)?

ANy thoughts, ideas would be appreciated since I am stuck with no answer