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Sep 09, 2010 at 03:32 PM

SRMO - Cannot delete Index Category after System Copy



I am trying to delete incorrect Index Categories using t-code SRMO after a system copy (restore db from backup) from our production system to our sandbox system.

When I select the Index Category and click on the "Delete Category" button I get this message:

Error during deletion of language 'EN'. Search

engine result '3147'

When I click on the Help button I get this:

Error during deletion of language 'EN'. Search engine result '3147'

Message no. SRET148


When the index category is deleted, all languages, and consequently all physical indices on the search server (RFC server) are deleted.

If a physical index could not be deleted, the index category is not deleted or set to inactive either. This is to prevent the index from staying on the search server without R/3 inforamtion.


Firstly clean up all languages / indexes for which this information appears.

Use the function to delete an index without R/3 information (if such an index exists) and / or the function to delete the language without an index from the R/3 System.

You can then call the function 'Delete index category' again.

Any ideas on what function they are talking about in the second to last paragraph: "function to delete an index without r/3 information"?

Thank you,