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Sep 09, 2010 at 03:04 PM

SOAP Receiver: Problem with SOAP Multipart Request (wsdl:part)


Dear PI experts,

our partner provided a WSDL with the following definition (I modified it to keep it simple and showing the principles)

<wsdl:message name="nameOfMessage">

<wsdl:part element="part1" name="header" />

<wsdl:part element="part2" name="parameters" />

<wsdl:part element="part3" name="attachment" />


After importing this WSDL in ESR, I found the following definition on tab 'WSDL':

<xsd:complexType name="nameOfMessage">


<xsd:element name="header" type="authentication" />

<xsd:element name="parameters" type="businessDatal" />

<xsd:element name="attachment" type="Binary" />



When creating the request message in PI it looks as follows:






However our WebService provider expects the following:






When using SoapUI and importing the WSDL the request message looks as expected by the web service provider and the part names are resolved.

I could try to convert the request using XSLT but this does not seem to be a best practice approach.

Do you have any advice on how to handle this issue?

Thank you very much.