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Sep 09, 2010 at 02:49 PM

The Port : 6001 is not working in the system


Hi Experts,

OS : AIX 6.1

SAP : SAP Netweaver EHP1

In the OS level the Port : 6001 is not working and giving the out put as...

pb2adm> telnet abcprdpb2 6001


telnet: connect: A remote host refused an attempted connect operation.

Virtual host : abcprdpb2

As it is the BI java stack system & I configured the SMD & wily in the system. From the BI java stack system the wily agent is not working and it uses the port : 6001.

Now the issue is regarding to the port : 6001

when telnet in the same system which is Virtual host : abcprdpb2 is not working and which I have given the output above. It is working when I telnet to the other systems. Please see the output below...

pb2adm> telnet abcprd001 6001


Connected to abcprd001.

Escape character is '^]'.

Connection closed.

From other system virtual host : abcprd001

As I have checked with the firewall team and said it is fine in the system and same us AIX team also. But still port : 6001 issue is not resolved in the Virtual host : abcprdpb2

Can you please let me know how to open the port : 6001 in the Virtual host : abcprdpb2 and also how we can confirm that port : 6001 is opened or blocked in the Virtual host : abcprdpb2.

Thanks & Regards,