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Sep 09, 2010 at 11:09 AM

0FIGL_R10 pre and post processing


Hi All,

i got the following request:

I need to activate the Remote cube 0FIGL_R10 as well as Virtual cube 0FIGL_V11 and should i use DS 0FI_GL_10


I had activated the DS 0FI_GL_10 in source system and when i check in RSA3 it does not fetch any reocrds( 0 Records)

When i see the Table of origin FAGLFLEXT it also has 0 entries.

Now for the remote cube activation and for its usage whether it is neccessary to have the DS fetching some records in RSA3 or Remote cube has nothing to do with RSA3?

As far as i read in documentation of SAP and SDN i understand that remote cube is only a structure and it does not hold any data physically and when user executes the corresponding query data is fecthed from OLTP systems.

This is fine . But ultimately if the datasource is delivering 0 records in RSA3, it should also be delivering the same number of records from OLTP to BW when user executes the query?

My question is: whether remote cube fetches the information from DS or from Different R/3 tables?