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Sep 09, 2010 at 10:53 AM

Segment Builder attribute not used


We are using CRM7.0 , In segment builder we drag a attribute 1 in the staging area (Results in 100 BPs) and drag a flag attribute 2 which basically tells whether attribute 1 is active or not.

When this is done there is no change in the segment; when I click on show distrubition the pie chart shows 100 active and 100 inactive which is obviously not possible.

Both the attibutes are in the same infoset built on crm tables and using sap standard table values. Not sure if there is something missing in config? When I run a infoset query in SQ01, this results in correct distrubution of BPs. Is it possible to view the query generated by the segment builder?

Any pointers will be much appreciated