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Sep 09, 2010 at 05:57 AM

Sales order with Billing plan



During sales order creation, if manual pricing for line item 10 for example is carried out the, following message pops up.

ℹ️ Item 000020 exists already; the entry will be ignored.

The newly added item price then does not get updated in net price (on sales order over view screen) and billing plan screen.

It should ideally get updated parallely once the manual price is carrying out.

However , if the order has only (1) item, the above message does not appear and the prices are also updated simlultaneously. The same is true with the last line item of the order. If change price of last line item the message is not popping (as there is not item left to be "ignored" after the last item and the prices are updated simultaneously in overscreen and billing plan also.

Requriement: Prices for all items should be updated simultaneously in case manual condition is added.