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Sep 09, 2010 at 05:11 AM

Dynamic Scheduling Best Practice -- IS-U-BF-PS E1DY E2DY


I have been tasked with resolving several long standing issues with My Companies Meter Reading Schedules. My question originates out of the desire to implement the eventual corrections I make as close to a best practice standard as possible.

Near the end of 2009 I extended the Dynamic Schedule Records out to the end of 2010 with transaction E1DY

At the beginning of 2010 I reported a program error which resulted in [Note 1411873|| Schedule record: Previous period end in dynamic scheduling]

I requested clarification of the comment:

"In certain operational scenarios that are not explicitly forbidden (but which are strongly advised against), the end of the previous period of the first schedule record of a series of a year may not be calculated correctly in the dynamic scheduling"

& was advised:

it means such cases where you don't have a full sequence of MRU.

The standard process of dynamic scheduling is designed that you have for every day several readings (consilidated in meter reading units/ MRU).

There was no further clarification other than the confirmation that the configuration existing in our system did not match this ideal condition.

The Current Design of Dynamic schedules is as follows:

1. No Budget Billing implemented at all. All Portions defined with a parameter record Without Budget Billing configured

2. Several Groups of Monthly Portions allocated to Calendar Z3

2a. 21 Monthly Portions

2b. 21 Monthly Portions

2c. 21 Monthly Portions

2d. 21 Monthly Portions

2e. 21 Monthly Portions

2f. 20 Monthly Portions

2g. 1 Monthly Portion

2h. 1 Monthly Portion

-Please note, that this results in day 21 of 2a-2e not including day 1 of the 2f Monthly Portions as is intended. this results in manual movement of the 20 Monthly portions in transaction E2DY one by one.

-Please note, for portions in group 2d, & 2e there is a "gap" in the config where the factory Calendar is not Assigned for day 12 & 13 in the series. resulting in a gap in the schedule record creation.

3. Many Meter Reading Units are configured for each portion.

My intended changes to the configuration are as follows:

4. No change to Budget Billing

5. All Groups of 21 Monthly Portions (2a - 2e) share the same configuration, so change all Meter reading units for (2a - 2e) to 2b (least change)

6. 2g is configured the same as day 14 of groups 2a - 2e, move to 2b equivalent

7. 2h is configured the same as day 15 of groups 2a - 2e, move to 2b equivalent

8. 2f is configured on Calendar Z3, so update configuration to Calendar ZL

9. Generate schedule records for Calendars Z3 & ZL

Having read all the above, can anyone expert in the design & implementation of Dynamic scheduling think of any issues which may arise from updating the configuration as described.

If anything is unclear or stupid let me know, I'm definitely interested in feedback to help ensure the corrections are made smoothly, & to clarify what was the "operational scenarios that are not explicitly forbidden (but which are strongly advised against)" as mentioned in the SAP Note.

Also as a final question, how feasible would it be to delete the unused portions after these changes are migrated?



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