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Sep 09, 2010 at 04:20 AM

Relase Inspection lot - With EWB


Hi All -

I have a requirement to have one MIC with values ( Upper and Lower range). The tolerance values are customer specific.

I tried working on inspection planning engineering work bench where i assigned one master inspection characteristic with multiple customers with various tolerance ranges.

When i created a process order system created an inspection lot of type 04, however i am unable to perform results recording and i noticed that inspection lot status is "CTRD".

I tried manually assigning inspection plan using QA02 transaction by clicking on "Task List" button, however, unable to assign the inspection plan to inspection lot. I am getting an message " No inspection plan could be found" when i try to manually assign inspection plan.

Inspection plan exists for the material with usage as "5 - goods receipt". And material master is set up with 04 inspection type with "Inspection with task list and Automatic assignment check box" ON.

Please advice if there is a way to perform results recording ? Also please advice me process to set up engineering work bench for inspection planning.

Many thanks