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Former Member
Sep 08, 2010 at 09:32 PM

Payment Run


Hi there,

We are developing a way to clear our documents in order to

improve the data quality of our Liquidity Planner system.

The clearing is currently made with lots of documents together (credit

and debit) through F.13, using BLDAT field. That is a situation we call

N:M in LP system, and it is not suitable for us. We are trying to find

a way to clear the documents 1:M instead of N:M, we would like to clear

just 1 document on debit against 1 or more (M) documents on credit in

the clearing bank accounts.

Nevertheless, we are not finding a way to put these documents together,

and we would like to know if you guys know how we could make it work.

It is important to add that we are developing a logic to make it work

automatically, similar to F.13.

Many thanks,