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Former Member
Sep 08, 2010 at 08:37 PM

WM Capcity planning


Hi Friends

we are in the process of deciding Capacity for warehouse. We have data for material as given below.

Material A,

Storage tyep 001, Bin A1, capacity 5000 Nos

Storage Type 002, Bin B2, capacity 3000 Nos

Storage Type 003, Bin C3, Capacity 8000 Nos.

Material B

Storage type 001, Bin A1 capacity 1000 nos

Storage Type 002, Bin B2 Capacity 2000 Nos

Storage Type 003, Bin C3 Capacity 4000 Nos

I need system to propose Bin Location based on Inward Material Qty. Ex, If I inward material A with 3000nos, system to propose Storage type 002 and Bin B2, If i inward material B 4000 Nos, system to propose Storage type 003 and Bin C3. We do not want to follow Fixed bin strategy.

What type of strategy is to be used, what is the setting need for Capacity in material master, Storage Type, Bin structure

Please suggest the possibilities.