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Sep 08, 2010 at 01:47 PM

Header Details to be Printed only for the line item details.


Hi All,

I have the following requirement.

I have Page1 with the Logo, Header Window, Vendor Window, Send Invoice To, Delivere Invoice To and Main Window. Main Window Starts from the middle of the page. In the Page2 i have Logo, Header window and Main Window. In the Page3 i have only Main Window.

In the Footer of the Main Window i have Placed the Terms and conditions which should always be Printed in the New Page. So in the footer i have given a command "Go to New Page " and given the page as Page3.

The requirement is Logo,and Header Window should appear only for the Line items and not for the Terms and conditions.

For the Page1 i have given the Next Page as Page2. Suppose if there is only one line item then it Prints in the first Page itslef and the control flows to the Page2 and since in the page2 i have given the condition for the Logo and header window to print only if line item is more than 1 and since Main Window is starting from the middle there is a blank Space appearing in the start of the page.

The command i have given in the footer to trigger new page that is page3 is not getting triggered. If there are more than one line item then its printing the logo and header window and so there is no blank space appearing and it is working fine.

Please let me know how to avoid this blank space and move my main window to the start of the Page if there is only one line item.

Thank you.