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Sep 08, 2010 at 09:19 AM

Production Allocation with Variant Configuration at characteristic level


Hi Everyone,

Please have a look on my case mentioned below, if someone can help!

I have a scenario of Variant Configuration. Considering F1 as a final finished product, while creating a Sales Order with material F1 it will ask to enter the characteristicsu2019 values. Here one of the characteristics CHAR1 is for one of the component which is required for the production of final product F1. In other words, CHAR1 is nothing but a part (suppose Material code M1) of a BOM used for production (CS03).

Now here I have two values for the CHAR1. One is u201CWithoutu201D which means that the customer needs the final product F1 without this component. Another value is u201CCODE1u201D which means customer needs this final product with this component.

Everything is clear and ok so far. Now along with this scenario, a concept of Product Allocation is also used which is also working fine.

Now the case is that, the material M1 is available in limited quantity for next 6 months. So management has decided and reserved (allocated) some fix quantity for different sold-to-countries.

Now the actual requirements is that, suppose quantity of 5 pc is allocated to country CC. Now suppose there are 9 sales orders from country CC. Out of these 9 sales orders, 5 sales orders are for the final product F1 having CHAR1 = CODE1 (means with component) and the remaining 4 sales orders are for the final product F1 having CHAR1 = WITHOUT (means without component).

But now if 10th sales order comes from country CC for F1 having CHAR1 = CODE1 (means with component), there has to be a check here.

In other words, the product allocation is required at the characteristic level.

Now my question is that, it is possible with the standard product allocation? Or I can go for some other solution?

Thanks in advance.