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Former Member
Sep 08, 2010 at 09:06 AM

Credit for returns


Hi, I have few questions :-

1) Is the retruns invoice type RE can only be created with ref to RE sales order or can we create RE invoice with ref to returns delivery too ?

2) How will we know whether if an existing RE invoice is created with ref to retruns delivery or returns sales ordr. Thru doc flow table VBFA ?

3) How does the system knows that the qty to be billed is always order qty less delivered qty. What is the config which controls this.

4) Can we keep on making a returns invoice with ref to retruns order/retunrs delivery indefinitely. that is if returns sales order is of 100 qty. Is it possible to make any number of RE invoices(although this does not make sense but request to know) . If not what is the config setting which does not allow billing more than the RE sales order QTY.

5) We can make Proforma invoices any number of times with ref to either order or delivery.. Why is it so ? what config setting controls this behaviour.