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Sep 08, 2010 at 08:51 AM

Navigation from transaction launcher


We have developed a bsp application runs through transaction launcher.

URL = «Z_URL» configured as BSP URL «Mapped LogSys» = CRM «Application» = BSP application «Page» = required page

Launch Transactions = «Z_TRAN» set «Definition 1» = Z_URL «Transac. Type»= B «Version»= 0 «Stateful» and «Raise Veto» not marked

Logical Link = «Z_LINK» «Type» = Launch Transaction «Target ID» = EXECLTX «Parameter» = Z_TRAN «Parameter Class» = CL_CRM_UI_LTX_NAVBAR_PARAM

In the BSP application is a button «tobp», which is supposed to go to BP overview. On click the button «tobp» navigate to a page tobp.htm with the code script language="Javascript":

function SAPICdomainrelax(){
   class cl_crm_ic_services definition load.
   class cl_crm_ic_sysprop_constants definition load.
   if not cl_crm_ic_services=>get_system_property(  cl_crm_ic_sysprop_constants=>domain ) is initial.
    document.domain="<%= cl_crm_ic_services=>get_system_property(  cl_crm_ic_sysprop_constants=>domain )%>";
<% else. %>
    var liBehindFirstDot=location.hostname.indexOf(".")+1;
    if (liBehindFirstDot>0)
<% endif.%>

        SAPICdomainrelax( );
        parent.forwardCall( "handler", 'ZCL_TOOVERVIEW', "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "");

In the class ZCL_TOOVERVIEW made navigate to BP overview by logical link IC_BP_ACC.

This code works, but not always, sometimes processed class ZCL_TOOVERVIEW occur in the background process and the navigation is not realized.

How can I do to be processed is always in the same process?

Edited by: Zuev Alexander on Sep 8, 2010 10:56 AM