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Sep 08, 2010 at 05:58 AM

Refer to values in conditional page break



i have the following question:

I have one table in my formular. Within these table there is a field "count" which i want to fill per skript in layout:ready from count with:

data.Table.count::ready:layout - (FormCalc, client)

$.rawValue = gcount

"gcount" is a global variable i defined for this formular. With "gcount" i want to count the lines of the table within one page to use these value for a conditional page break.

The value of count is shown correctly but i cannot refer to these value in a conditional page break. Why? The value of count is always 0.

Anothere possibility is to refer on gcount but there the value is always the inital value i defined for this variable.

Can anybody explain the following script? I found these in the forum but it doesn`t work...

I tried this in layout:ready of the subform.

$.data.break.after = "Subform1"

$.data.break.startNew = "1"