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Sep 07, 2010 at 09:15 PM

Database access...slow, Log On issue????


I posted something of this nature a week or 2 back but never got a response. Thought I'd try again and see if anyone else is experiencing this or has any insight.

I'm running Crystal Reports 2008 on WinXP SP3 w/PostgreSQL 8.4 all on the same machine. When I go from preview to design, it seems to take forever to capture ~240 records (certainly longer than I would think it would take...and I've used OpenOffice as a front end, as well). I'm using the Microsoft OLE DB into ODBC for PostgreSQL. Is there a better/faster way to do this that might speed things up? Is there something in the firewall or security area that I need to tweak?

On what may be a related note....I noticed that creating a new connection works fairly quickly. However, once I have the connection made, if I log off then attempt to log back on, the Log Off button never seems to go active, which makes me unsure if I ever got Logged On in the 1st place. Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.