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Sep 07, 2010 at 06:36 PM

Migration of BW system to new datacenter/What to stop+restart?


(repost from [here in data warehouse|Stop/start of BW 7.0 system-->how to deal with deltas when moving instance?; forum)

Dear BW guru's,

we are moving a BW 7.0 system to a new datacenter, where the R3 source systems remain the same.

What should we consider when we want to stop the system, move it, and restart the next day, when the source systems cannot be stopped?

Specifically I may need to clear the delta queues in BW before stopping and moving the system or not?

After the system has been installed in it's new location, can we just the delta process chains without any other action, and will it extract the delta's from source system where it left of before?

is there something I am overlooking?

thanks for tapping your collective brainpower,