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Sep 07, 2010 at 04:31 PM

0FIGL_VC1 / VC2 queries showing data mismatch


Hi experts,

I am using the standard BusinessContent BEX queries - 0FIGL_VC1_Q0001, Q0002, 0FIGL_VC2_Q001 in my current project.

The data in the cubes 0FIGL_C01 and 0FIGL_C02 are available. But when i execute these 3 queries; only one record with "0' value is displayed.

ALso these queries have the 0GLACCEXT InfoObject with maintained hierarchies. In my current system for 0GLACCEXT, i see only one custom hierarchy "XXXX01" data loaded. So i have restricted the queries to this only one hierarchy.

Also the 0P_FVAEX variable (SAP Exit) for Fiscal year variant is used in this query. I checked for 0COMP_CODE, data is maintained in the InfoObject as well as Cube for CompCodes and their respective fiscal year variants.

The Cube has data but hte queries are not having any data in the output.

Can you please help in diagnosis...

Thanks in advance.