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Sep 07, 2010 at 03:38 PM

ESS customization- security API issue



We have added a custom link in the leave request edit screen which is global to all the countries.

This has been done in code level. Now our client want us to hide this for certain countries and make it visible for certain countries.

so i have added a custom BAPI for that which will get current logged portal user input and retrieves country of that user.

I have added the WDJ code for current logged portal user. Now the problem is with the security API. since we cant directly use this through java build path. I have created a library file for that and added that security JAR in that. and i have added that lib as used DC. while try to build the leave request DC, it built with warnings. but while activating the NWDI activity it got failed.

The CBS error log stating that the security API file is depreciated.

Kindly help on this or provide any alternative ways to get current logged portal user which is already used in standard dc.