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Sep 07, 2010 at 03:11 PM

Loops in Context


Hi All,

I'm just starting to use Business Objects Designer recently and I have a question about loops.

Consider the following situation:

------------      a    --------------    c
| Case     | ----------| Category | -----------\    -------------
------------           --------------           ----|Durability |
      |           b     -------------    d      ----|           |
      | ---------------| Status     |----------/     ------------
Cardinality from left to rigth:
Join A : N - 1 
Join B : N - 1
Join C : 1 - N
Join D : 1 - N

So, a Case has a Status and a category. Depending on the category the status has a durability.

I designed my universe as above and when i create a Web Intelligence Document in InfoView it picks both join C an D which is intended. However the Integrity Check comes up with this as being a loop.

Can I keep my design like this, even though it would be marked as unresolved loop or should I try another aproach (derived table probably?)

I hope my question is clear enough, Please Advice,