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Former Member
Sep 07, 2010 at 12:27 PM

EAC Time Slice


Hi Experts,

In EG71, the time slice data is available for each Installation.

Now, a report we are working on, has a requirement that we capture these Time Slice Data in that.

We have checked that the time slices are actually populated based on changes in several tables (EASTE, EASTS, EGERR, ETDZ etc etc.), and hence we are unable to find a single table which store this Time Slice data.

In Table EASTE ,we do get the Time Slices but the BIS (To Date) in this table is defaulted to 1 year from the (AB) From Date.

Thus our validations fail here, as the the BIS (From Date) does not match with the actual dates in the EG71 Time Slice.

We have checked EASTS Table also, but it does not solved our purpose.

We checked in Debugging also, that the BIS date is AB Date -1 for the next time slice, and hence tried to implement that logic also, but it also fails in certain cases.

Has anyone of you worked on similar requirement / know which table I can get the actual Time Slice data ?

Kindly provide any information on the same.