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Sep 07, 2010 at 11:04 AM

Matching feature LEAVE/ENTRY - company changes



I am aware that the value for JUPER should match in feature LEAVE/ENTRY to make sense. (Note 1141482). However - this is not the only option for the feature. In our system, feature ENTRY is set up with datetype (VB). So the date in datetype VB decides when a person is considered entering a company. This was done due to some requirements for reports to authorities. To my understanding, JUPER is then not at all considered in feature ENTRY.

The question then is: What to do with JUPER in feature LEAVE?

Problem at hand:

2 companies merge - and all employees are moved into one company.

This causes change of JUPER. But in my opinion we should not change date VB, as they do not have a new entry date.

If we set up feature LEAVE with blank JUPER and leave VB we get a situation where they are not reported correctly to our official employee register. In this register they should be reported leaving one JUPER and entering another. But conceptually they are not changing their hiring conditions to the company.

Anyone had any experience with personell doing company changes like this (where there is not a real leave/entry).

How did you deal with this?

Any input appreciated.