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Sep 07, 2010 at 10:50 AM

NWBC u2013 are connections to multiple SAP backends possible?


Apologies if this is not the correct Forum group, but I was unable to find a forum specifically for NWBC (Netweaver Business Client).

We are currently trying to build a u201Ccockpitu201D in NWBC for use by Sales Reps to perform their daily tasks.

e.g. Enter Sales Order

View Customer Master

View Price Conditions


Most of the tasks which the Sales Rep will perform will be in an ECC u201Cbackendu201D, however we also have some requirements to link to CRM transactions (e.g. Activity Management) or to run BW reports.

The SAP help for NWBC states that it is only possible to connect to one backend SAP system at a time. If transactions need to be run from other backend systems it is necessary to close the current NWBC connection to ECC and open a new connection to the other system (e.g. CRM or BW).

Has anyone in this forum ever experienced a similar requirement? If so, were any workarounds found?

The current workarounds I am investigating are:

u2022 As in NWBC it is possible to call URLS of external webpages (e.g. google), can URLS of the BW or CRM systems be called? e.g. to see if a BW report can be web-enabled, and to setup the link to a web report in the PFCG role which will be assigned to the Sales Rep.

u2022 PFCG menu options also have the possibility to specify an RFC destination. I was hoping that this may allow us to add an entry in the menu for a CRM transaction and then specify the CRM RFC destination. Unfortunately, this did not work.

u2022 Are there any other options possible for u201Ctunnelingu201D through the open ECC backend to CRM or BW?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

For info, we are on ECC EHP4, and using NWBC version 1 and 3.

Alistair Crawshaw