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SIS: Data incorrect


The issue : Data doubling up after running SIS update in production system

1. SIS reports used u2013 MC2 and ZMC2 (customized version of MC+2 to display seasons)

2. Info structures used u2013 S003 and SX01

3. We ran a SIS update for sales orders, delivery documents and invoices in a QA system.

4. When we ran MC+2 report, the resulting data was accurate.

5. We followed the same steps in the production system and when we ran MC+2, the data that was displayed, was doubled up.

6. The next step was to take a client copy of the production system and to run the update and check the report data u2013 this was accurate.

7. Subsequently we ran the update in the production system again, and MC+2 displayed incorrect data again.

The steps we carried out for the SIS update:

1- Delete all the active versions for the two info structures using TR code OLIX

2- Update sales orders using TR code OLI7 in a "&(" version number . (Please find the report selection criteria below)

u2022 X- Delete/set up indices

u2022 Specified a run name

u2022 Specified a termination date at least 1 day later than the job scheduled time

u2022 X- New run

u2022 X u2013 Re-determine update group

u2022 X - Update Documents

u2022 X - Block all documents

u2022 Enter a high number of allowed mistakes like 9999999

3- Update delivery documents using TR code OLI8 in a "&(" version number .

4- Update billing documents using TR code OLI9 in a "&(" version number .

5- Check the results in newly created u201C&(u201D version in reports MC2 and ZMC2 u2013 at this point data was incorrect

6- We were going to copy the u201C&(u201D version to active version u201C000u201D and delete the u201C&(u201D version. But this step was not carried out.

can you please let us know as to why this happened in a PRD system? Appreciate any feedback ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

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3 Answers

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    Sep 07, 2010 at 11:20 AM


    In my opinion you might reload with version '000'.

    For futher info, check:

    SAP Note 174134 - SIS: Collective note - reorganization

    Note 204130 - SIS update: Collective note



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    Sep 12, 2010 at 06:32 AM

    Recalculation of SIS data is tricky, something went wrong, probably you did not delete data in version 000 before copying the new data from the version &(*

    The doubling of data means that probably you got twice the information in the SIS structure in version 000.

    So you are stuck with deleting all data in this infostructure and start again.

    I suggest you block the transactions that access the standard infostructure untll you have the right information inside.

    A few hints:

    - Redetermination and updating of the "update group" is not mandatory. You should only do it if you changed the update group determination in customizing.

    - For calculation of infostructure S001, if I remember well you needed to run 3 different programs: 1) calculation for sales order, 2) calculation for delivery documents, 3) calculation for billing documents. I think you only ran 1 & 3.

    - Sometimes it is easier to do the recalculation directly in version 000 and skip the "calculation version" &(*.

    Before recalculating SIS data, make sure for a few documents that using simulation transactions (MCVV, etc.) you will get the right results in the SIS.

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    Nov 15, 2010 at 06:34 AM

    This was corrected after carrying out a system re-generation.

    And then the SIS update was carried out and it corrected the issue.

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