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Sep 07, 2010 at 02:17 AM

is SAP Business One 2005 better than SAP Business One 2007 ?


I have upgraded from SAP B1 2005 to SAP B1 2007, and then the system running fine.

But i got some problem, while user was creating Delivery Order (copy from Sales Order), there's power failure happened.

Then Delivery Order failed to created, and SO made a new link to another Delivery Order

Example :

I have SO number 1001, has a Delivery Number 3005

And I have new SO number 1002 has link to Delivery Number 3005 (it's a wrong delivery document, because delivery failed to created because power failure).

The question :

Why SO document made a link to wrong Delivery Document ? Isn't there Rollback system ? So when the power failure happen, the system should rollback the transaction and doesn't need to create link to another Delivery document.

I've never found like this when i running use SAP B1 2005

Help me pls...

Kindly Regard