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Sep 06, 2010 at 03:13 PM

Problem with urlencode conversion


Hi guys,

sorry for this question, but I was looking on Google and probably I'm working with wrong key words, cause I cannot find any help for my problem.

In my example I'm working with 1 special letter but it can be any "non ASCII" letter from UNICODE table.

Novák is name of author of the book.

I'm sending some http request by POST method to ALEPH server (it is library system).ák&base=xxx01

Important part of my question is the letter á (czech letter): request=wau= novák.

Now I need to send it in this form: request=wau= nov%c3%a1k

but after conversion by

 lv_string = cl_http_utility=>escape_url( i_uri ).


I've got that result: lv_string = nov%e1k.

The same result I've got with FM WWW_URLENCODE

How I can get the HEX code with percents into my http request please?

Thanks a lot for any help