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Sep 06, 2010 at 01:03 PM

Layoutset priority


Hi All,

I need to create 2 iviews that provide different Image Map based interfaces to navigate the same KM Structure.

KM Structure looks as follow: Level1>Level2>Level3. The folders presentation properties are set to system default.

I have created two HTML CRs, each references a different html file, the html file contains the logic for the image map.

I created 2 iViews and set the layout set as wanted and set the layout set mode to "Force".

When i test the iviews, i get the following results.

iView 1:

> Level 1 is presented via the expected image map, When i click on an area to navigate to Level 2, Level 2 is presented via the "ConsumerExplorer" which the layout set of the default profile in our system.

iView 2:

> The same thing as with the first iView. I get the expected Image map in Level 1 and starting with Level 2, the content is presented using the "ConsumerExplorer".

Somehow the layout set that is configured in the iViews is only used for the entry point folder, the folder that you specify in the "Path to Initially Displayed Folder" parameter. This, despite the fact that the layout set mode is set to "force".

I need to show the image map in Level 1 and Level 2. Level 3 and it's childrens would have a layout set configured at the folder level and enfored at this level and all subsequent levels via the "Apply Settings to All Subfolders" and "Use Settings for All iViews (Preferred Presentation)" options.

My problem is that the layout set configured at the iView only works for the first folder and none of the child folders.

I hope that my explanation is clear.

Thanks for your help.