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Former Member
Sep 06, 2010 at 12:36 PM

Flexible UI Appraisal template (EhP4) - Cascading goal


Hi SAP HCM experts,

we plan to implement Flexible UI Appraisal template (EhP4), and also we

have used the function Cascading goal and we are able to see goal for

employees on all Criteria Groups,

my question is

"How can we designate which Criteria Group the cascaded goal should be

directed to"

As an example, we see we have a sample 2010 Appraisal Template. Within

that template we have the following Criteria Groups:

1. CG1

2. CG2

3. CG3

A manager goes into the cascade goals iView to create a goal u2018Complete

Safety Meetingsu2019 to cascade down to his/her employees. The manager

wants it to be a cascaded goal within CG1 criteria group. How can we

designate where the goal should actually be placed? Or can we add

cascaded goals to the Criteria Groups created?

this Cascading goals we are seeing for all Criteria Groups, we only

want to use for one or two Criteria Groups.

pls help me on this regard