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Sep 06, 2010 at 10:11 AM

CPS PlatformAgentService cant read the File Event Definition


Dear Experts,

We implemented CPS to schedule our BW & BO Jobs. we have now some issues on both BW & BO.

Especially on BO where we try to load flat files through a "Event" which triggers the job once the file is loaded (file event raised).

Now the problem is,

this "event" which automaticall triggers the file event definition is NOT able to find the file event (flatfile) and triggeres the Job. So we have to maually raise this "Event" (right click on Event -> Raise) for every file loaded, which is really hard to look every 5min on our directory and raise manually so that uploader can get thier validation.

When I see the difference from automatic & Manual raise, i am asuming that it might be a reason with "PlatformAgentService", because:

In Automatic, the Raiser Object is "PlatformAgentService" which is working perfectly on BO Server.

Manually: its me who has to raise.

The strange thing is,

the file event definition works for some files and triggers itself and for some other files i need to do it maually (all files have same specifications).

Now we dont know, when the job runs and when not, so we are monitoring our directory for files every 5 to 10min.

Cannot able find the reason behind this situation.

I would really appreciate your quick response with a solution

Many thanks