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Sep 04, 2010 at 04:26 PM

Time series and Order series questions


Hi Guys - Need some help in understanding/Visualizing some basic APO concepts. I do not want to move further without understanding these concepts completely. I did read sap help and couple of apo books but none gave me a complete understanding of this very basic concept.

1. Data is stored in livecache in 3 different ways. time series, order series and atp time series. for now I am concentrating on just time series and order series. Can some one help me understand with an example how data is stored in time series and how it is stored in order series? I read that data which is not order related is called time series data and which is order related is called order series data.

My query is even in DP time series data, data is stored with respect to product and location that is transferred to snp. In SNP too data is processed with respect to product and location. so what is the difference in time series data and order series data?

2. what are time series key figures and what are order series key figures? I read safety stock for example is a time series keyfigure. why is it not a order series key figure? what makes a keyfigure time series or order series? can some one xplain this in detail with an example or numbers?

3. there is a stock category group in snp tab of location master LOC3. Stock category should be product related right? how is this related to location and what does this field mean in location master

Thanks a lot for your help in advance. Please let me know if I am not clear in any of the questions.