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Former Member
Sep 04, 2010 at 11:22 AM

Strange Error in Transformation of 2LiS_03_BF with 0IC_C03


Dear All.

i am start receiving the transformation error after i join the development system with the BW development system.

none of my transformation is working for 0IC_C03 except 2lis_03_um which is working fine.

if i try to test the transformation from the rule detail click on the execute after giving the value i only receive the following error

Error in rule test: An attempt was made to execute a dynamic method callon an initial(NULL-) object reference. The reference must refer to an object.

this is coming for all the routines in 2lis_03_bf but not for the routine which i wrote for my own key figures.

This start happening only once we connect the development system with BW development before it was connected with our Sandbox and it was working fine.

i try to remove the cube and transformation and try to install again from the BI content but this message is now not disappearing and keep coming and due to that i cannot load the data in the cube if i try to load all the key figures values become 0 as in the debugging i saw the exception CX_RSROUT_SKIP_VAL is occurring.

Please help me to resolve this issue