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Former Member
Sep 03, 2010 at 07:26 PM

EVDRE different send members than get members


BPC 7.5 MS SP3

Parent Accounts > RT_R RT_R BAS Accounts> 1B 1B

Parent Routes Parent Employee GET Only Range Bas Routes Bas Employee

RTE_105_31 HRGK 7,871 7,559 RTE_105_31 E125634 $6.50 $7.80

RTE_105_33 HRGK 8,156 7,979 RTE_105_33 E562158 $15.80 $20.00

RTE_105_35 HRGK 9,742 9,810 RTE_105_35 E632589 $32.00 $55.60

I have an EVDRE where I want to GET data on the left from parent levels, run some calculations in excel and send the data to the bas members on the right. can that be done with one EVDRE formula? Leaning torwards staying with EVGTS & EVSND's at this point.